With Strings Attached

Beatles fan fiction at Rational Magic

What if you woke up and found yourself on a strange new planet...
sixteen years younger...
accompanied by people you have issues with...
possessing nothing but the clothes on your back and a musical instrument...
and totally clueless as to why you're there?

With Strings Attached cover
A Beatles Picaresque

Chapter 1 of
The Keys Stand Alone

Take a peek at the sequel!

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First Movement:
Second Movement:
Other Good Stuff
Prologue Interim The Semi-Blog (progress on the book etc.)
Chapter 1: Quaver Chapter 12: Technicolor  The FAQ
Chapter 2: 3/4 Time Chapter 13: Curiosities After 29 years, finally finished!
Chapter 3: Aliens Chapter 14: Night Moves The Cover!!!
Chapter 4: Hands Chapter 15: Head A 29-History of Strings
Chapter 5: Virgins Chapter 16: Ringing the Changes The Seeds of Strings
Chapter 6: Exiles Chapter 17: Just an Earthbound Misfit What Does the Title Mean?
Chapter 7: Influence Chapter 18: Rise and Shine Strings Happy Readers!
Chapter 8: Disguise Chapter 19: Shine and Rise  
Chapter 9: High Chapter 20: Touching Base The Keys Stand Alone (the sequel)
Chapter 10: Down Chapter 21: Full Circle, Moebius-Style The first review!
Chapter 11: Run So you want to read more... The second review!
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DISCLAIMER: The events and situations depicted in With Strings Attached are entirely fictional. Anyone who believes that any of this stuff really happened had better go see a psychologist at their earliest convenience. Obviously, I don't own the Beatles or anything related to them. However, all non-Beatle stuff in With Strings Attached is my intellectual property and copyrighted in my name.