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I'm glad you like it! And believe me, if you enjoyed the first half of the book, you'll be blown away by the second half! Our heroes have been spectacularly equipped to search for the three pieces of the Vasyn, but will things go that smoothly even so? And what happens when they return with the third piece?

Among many other things, you'll learn the answers to questions like:

  • Why is Paul holding that pigeon?
  • Why does John get kidnapped by giant rabbits?
  • Why are the others calling George "The Director"?
  • Why does the Queen of the Warrior Women choose Ringo as her special favorite?
  • Who do they dub "The Lumberjack"?
  • Why is the troll screaming?

Trust me--it's worth finishing!

I'm not gonna be posting any more chapters, so if you want to finish the story, you'll have to buy it. Considering there's another 300 or so pages of the thing, plus a glossary, list of placename, and full character list, you won't just be buying something you've already read!

Kindle edition: $5.00

PDF edition: $5.00

ePub edition: $5.00

Or, if you want something to read on the can...

Paperback edition: $15.50 plus shipping

Or you can get an autographed copy directly from me!
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