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~Ta'akan's great! What're you gonna have 'em do there?~

[Nothing specific. Their work for Lyndess and getting the wings off will do for now.]

~Is that all?~

[No dragons, sorry.]

+Hey, Shag, I've got a radical idea. Let's not stay up all night watching them. Let's go have dinner at Dlan's and catch that new 'pathic at the Circle. You know, the one with that insectoid, what's-his-name, the guy with the red feelers, who all the critics said was great.+

[That's not a bad idea... but I hate to go off and leave my boys just as they've gotten to a new place.]

+Oh, c'mon, nobody'll touch 'em in Ta'akan. You know what the people are like. Besides, I'm sick of this cubicle.+

[Oh, all right. You don't mind, do you, Jeft?]

~Course not. I got my own characters to work on.~

[Can I have the Master Disk, please? This is the only copy left, and I want to keep an eye on it.]

~If you leave it here, I'll make more copies of it tonight. I'm good at making copies fast.~

[All right, why not? But if you erase it, I'll kill you.]

~Jeez! I can't even remember the last time I accidentally erased a disk. Besides, even if I did, I could reconstruct it. How many copies do you want?~

[Two or three. Oh, and please don't run the program, either.]

~No squared! I got better things to do.~

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