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Over the years I've had a number of very positive emails about Strings. Unfortunately, I never saved them. (Can you hear the schmuck bird calling to me? Schmuck! Schmuck!) Anyway, since I've published the book I've had several more, and the writers have graciously given permission to let me reprint them so I can, frankly, show off. Of course, they also show that I'm not the only one who thinks the book is good!

(Enough already. To the letters!)

From Carol D:

Your story captured my imagination in a way I never would have expected. I would categorize "With Strings Attached" as fantasy, a genre in which I've never really been interested. However, when I started reading, I could not put it down. The way you've captured the characters and their idiosyncracies, while interweaving all that into the intricate plot, kept me glued to each successive chapter. You truly are a fan of each Beatle and treat them all with love and respect, never exploiting them for commercial gain. The story is imaginative and belongs in a category all its own; this is different from the romance and comedy stories one normally finds about the Beatles. It's excellent and I couldn't be more pleased about its publication!

From Phyllis F:

Aviva, I just finished your book! You can no longer say no one read your book all the way through. I even read the glossary and comments, etc. I am thrilled with it! This is probably the first sci-fi book I have ever read. Your imagination, character development, etc. overwhelm me. thanks so much for writing and finishing and publishing! I want to tell others how to get your book off the Internet, but I have never done that. Please let me know. I would also like to see this as a movie. I think it would be fun seeing these sci-fi characters.

From Kelsey R:

I just got through reading the prologue and ch.1-7. It was simply amazing! The prologue seems different from when i first read it. It really helped ease into the story! So great job! I also think you do wonderfully on the personal level with John George Paul and Ringo. I can imagine thats exactly how they would act if that really happened.
Any-hoo your a wonderful writer and i so look forward to your book getting published!

And later...

Every night i look forward to reading strings and diving into a whole new world. It feels cool to read about the Beatles adventures (real or made up) especially when you never had the chance to experience Beatlemania. :D

From Sharon W:

As promised, I downloaded the internet version of With Strings Attached as soon as I arrived in Maine. I couldn't wait to find out how the book ends. And...I LOVED IT!!! We're in between houses right now (selling one and looking to rent another) but as soon as we're settled with our new mailing address, I will order the paperback version. I've told you before, but I'll say it again. You are an amazingly talented writer!

You have managed to perfectly capture the essence of John, Paul, George and Ringo's personalities. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Ringo, and I've always felt that, in a lot of ways, he was more vulnerable than the other three Beatles. I think Ringo's vulnerability comes through in your book. In With Strings Attached, the four Beatles relate to one another in a way that seems very real and true to life. Their actions and reactions are authentic. At least, it's how I think they'd act and react if they really did face such adventures as those in With Strings Attached!

I've read the description of the sequel, Keys Stand Alone, and it's very good! Keep writing! I must read more! :)

From Alex T:

Right now, my parents are wondering why I am crying. I'm crying because I just finished Strings! I'm serious, I am crying because I finished it. I'm so depressed! Those 300 new pages went by too fast!

Ever since December of 2008, I have been reading Strings online. Strings was the first Beatle fanfic I've ever read (besides the fact that I've been a Beatlemaniac since grade school) and has introduced me to other Beatle fanfic sites (I'm officially addicted to Rooftop Sessions now) and has even started me to write my own fanfics. I couldn't believe when I read that you finished it and were going to publish it, because I knew I'd be waiting day and night for the package to arrive at my doorstep. I'm so glad I got into this adventure, because your book is one of the best pieces of literature written (I'm
not kidding!). I cried (when I finished it; "Just an Earthbound Misfit"; John's first flight; the last page of Chapter 34; "Shh, shh, it's alright, Macca, I'm here now, I'll never leave you again... I love
you, man."),l I laughed (When the roof collapsed with George on top of it; all of the Ego Trips; the whole "Deadbeat" scene; the final battle in the warehouse; "Pepperland! We're in Pepperland?!" "How do you solve a problem like McCartney?") I had heart-to-heart moments, I saw things differently, and I learned things about writing I've never used before. It might've taken you 29 years to write, but I was bought on the first "At that precise moment..."

From Cari P:

.... Wow!

I'm not sure what to write, since I'm somewhat speechless, but feel that I should anyway (write that is). Imagine my delight when a few nights ago I was surfing the net, looking for Beatle fan fic to read and decided to check out your website again (not having found anything remotely new or good to read I thought I'd re-read something I knew was good). What's this? It's finished?!? Oh My God!!!! (lots of mental jumping up and down). I get to read the whole thing!!! YES!!

Well, I won't bore you with details, but I just finished reading it. I'm... WOW! I'm sure you've had many people raving about (much more eloquently than I ever can) how fantastic it is - well, It's fantastic! I love it! I can't even think of how better to say this, but WOW. Everything is perfect about this story. I'm so so so glad that you finished it. I've been wanting to know what happened to 'the heroes' for years. And I cannot wait to read more. Well done and Thank You so much!

From Angela M:

With Strings Attached is great. It's really a wonderful fantasy story with the Beatles. I was so glad when I knew it was finished and coming out as a book.I couldn't wait to read it.


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