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The Keys Stand Alone

Book 1: The Soft World



John: "The difference between us now and us then is that now, when we jump up, we don't all come down at the same time."

Paul: "With great power comes a whole lot of people pestering you to use it on their behalf."

George: "As long as I have it, as long as we have it, there'll be someone out there, the Pyars or the Fans or some new schmucks, who'll look at us and say, 'Ah, we've a sink to unblock on Mars, let's get the Beatles to set it right.”

Ringo: "We're just four ordinary lads who've been kicked in the ass by fate. Twice."


It's June, 1980. Ten weeks have gone by on Earth. Our heroes have had varying reactions to and emotions about their four months on C'hou; some have dealt with it better than others. Some of their loved ones have dealt with it better than others.

Meanwhile, almost six years have passed on C'hou.

One morning, the four abruptly find themselves back on C'hou. After the initial euphoria, they wonder: Why are we back? What are we supposed to do this time?

There's a big bombshell waiting for them: Nearly everything is different now. The condition they set in motion at the end of Strings has drastically changed the planet. Even the geography is different.

But are the changes for the better?

The skahs certainly think so. But then, the four and the skahs didn't exactly see eye-to-eye.

Indeed, the four think the world has gone utterly mad.

Given that they are attacked five times that first day, it probably has!

As they struggle to understand this new and difficult C'hou, they find the stakes far higher than before, both for themselves and for the beleaguered world they're on. Because the things they learned in Strings were just the tip of the iceberg.

First, though, they must regain control of their lives and bodies before they are lost to Earth and family forever.

Luckily, they are not without resource....

Not to mention a healthy dose of evil humor....

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