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Strings is FINISHED!!!

Due to massive writer's block, a series of personal problems (e.g., my mother had Alzheimer's), and a major shift in interest, I never thought I would ever finish Strings. However, at the beginning of 2009 I was hit by literary lightning and had to finish it. I wrote 300 pages in 3 weeks. The book now has four Movements and 34 chapters, plus a prologue and epilogue, several glossaries, a character guide, a score (no, really!), and an afterword. Have you seen the shiny new cover? The hardcopy version will also have a foreword.

I will have posted the entire first half of the book, so try before you buy! Did you like the first two Movements? Then click here!

I will also be posting a variety of interesting supplemental junk. The foreword will be posted on the site after I get it. I have some essays on the 29-year genesis of Strings, an updated FAQ, and so forth. I'm blogging a bit about the progress of the printed version, too.


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