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(Aviva's note: I'm humbled by Mike's dedication to his work. Anyone who puts out newsletters documenting his toy torture adventures is twisted indeed!)

I have a small stuffed donkey here at work. We have hung him with a noose, threatened decapitation with a large pair of scissors, and left him bound and gagged with his head in a stapler. A lady from another office saw that and took him calling herself E.L.F. (Eener Liberation Front - Eener is the donkey' s name). We have recently stolen him back and are planning a bbq for this afternoon. Later this week we intend to imobilize him and place him upside down in a cup of water. That should get a rise out of E.L.F. eh?



My donkey, Eener, has been retrieved again and now sports a "Y" incision (like the kind made for autopsies) and will shortly be returned to his noose to await his fate (drowning upside down in a coffee cup full of water).

CRUD Underground Newsletter #1

CRUD Underground Newsletter #2

New! Controversy! The Vice President of CRUD has taken offense to Aviva's use of the term "twisted" to describe Mike and has sent a stirring defense of his lord and master!

New! CRUD Gazette #6 (Microsoft Home Publisher format, which is not openable by anything but Microsoft Home Publisher [luv that Microsoft and its idiotic proprietary formats], so don't waste your time if you don't have it; also, it's a BIIIG download)

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