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D. Aviva Rothschild is a professional writer and editor with a pair of master's degrees in creative/profesional writing (Emerson College) and technical communication (the University of Colorado at Denver). As a writer, she has a book, Graphic Novels: A Bibliographic Guide to Book-Length Comics, and more than 100 book reviews to her credit. As an editor, she worked on more than 40 books on subjects ranging from library and information science to Finnish folklore. In addition, she routinely edited more than 2,000 book reviews a year (10,000+ total) for American Reference Books Annual when she was Assistant Editor of that publication. Currently she's doing nothing much, as she was laid off from her great job as tech writer last June because the telecommunications industry collapsed. She also maintains the website for the Rocky Mountain Skeptics and has occasionally been a contributor to the online magazines PopImage and Rooftop Sessions.

OK, enough with the third person.

I've logged more book-miles than most people, having started reading at the tender age of 17 months. My genres of choice are science fiction, fantasy, and nonfiction, especially history, science, popular culture, books about musicals, and biography. I'm particularly interested in SF short stories written before 1975. Also, I've probably read more graphic novels than all the people in the state of Arkansas combined. My favorite authors are George Macdonald Fraser, David Lodge, John Varley, Sheri S. Tepper, L. Sprague de Camp, Frederick Pohl, Patrick Dennis, and William Goldman. (I mention this because if you know what I like, you'll have a better idea of what I'm looking for to put in Rational Magic.)

As might be evident by With Strings Attached, I am slightly involved with the Beatles and their music. However, my real love these days is the music of Stephen Sondheim and Broadway in general. (I would LOVE to see some Broadway-influenced stories.) I also enjoy music from around the world--not the poppy pseudo-American stuff, but heritage music.

I hope you enjoy Rational Magic. If you want to comment on the zine in general or anything I've written, or if you catch an error, typo, broken link, etc., please email me. If you want to comment on another author's work, please see that author's story for their email address.

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