Advertising Policy

I am not a shopkeeper.

I don't accept any advertisements. Advertising sucks. I don't wear it on my body, and I don't put it on my website. (If you're seeing yellow links in my body text that want to take you to commercial sites, those aren't mine, those are those disgusting TopText things that you downloaded with KaZaa or other such freeware. Those links are leeching off my site; I did NOT put them there. Please don't click on them. Check out for the full story.)

Money has never been an issue with me. I review graphic novels out of love of the form, to keep myself writing on a regular basis, to stay tenuously connected to the comics community, for the occasional ego-boosting kudo, to recommend books that I really like, and to get a few free review copies to make my graphic novel collection grow. (Gosh, can't you just feel the waves of my purity rolling over you?)

I admit it would be nice to sell enough books (particularly my graphic novel book and my Beatles fantasy novel) to cover my expenses. That's not too outrageous a desire, given that my expenses on this website are currently about $104/year--$84 for the host, and $20 for the domain name. But even if I never receive any money from this site, I think I can absorb that sum.

Copyright 2001, D. Aviva Rothschild


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