Two Poems

By Ron Waywell

The Smell of Perfume

The smell of perfume lingers in the air,
And though it's getting fainter day by day,
He has the hopeful feeling that she's there
And can't believe that she has gone away.
He keeps his lost love's pillow by his side,
And finds it hard to place it with his own
Succumbs to tears and never minds his pride
Keeps thinking that as ever she’ll come home,
But in his heart the bitter truth he knows
He'll never more adore her from above
No longer will he know the sweet repose
That followed her dear gift of generous love.


Thoughts of You

My days seem empty since you went away
I try to fill them up with pastimes new
But then, at length come home to lonely nights
and thoughts of you
I have so many friends who help a lot
They occupy my mind and days soon pass
I pen short tales to while away the hours
and think of you
My house is large and has so many rooms
"Why don't you move!" my friends all say to me
I look at show homes
Contemplate a change
Then think of you
They see your photo on the mantelshelf
Suggest I take it down and start anew
The say that life goes on - and I agree
But think of you
and so you're always there within my thoughts
and life is sweeter just because we met
and lived together through those golden years
I miss you so
Editor's note: These poems are associated with Ron's story "Catharsis"--please go read it if you haven't already.
Another editor's note: There is a third poem related to "Catharsis": "To My Love."

Copyright 2001, Ron Waywell

About the Author

Ron is 80 years old and served with the British Army in India (and Ceylon) during World War II. He retired from the teaching profession in 1985 and, following his wife's death shortly afterwards, took up creative writing as a hobby. Since then he has had short stories and poetry published and broadcast. The North West Network of the B.B.C has broadcast seventeen of his stories.

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