To My Love

By Ron Waywell

If we could go again to Cumbria
And walk once more upon the Lakeland fells,
Then linger for a while in dappled woods
And gaze in wonder at a mist of purple bells;
If we could take the car through Borrowdale
And pause that we might bathe from Derwent's shore
Then tread the lane to lonely Watendlath
And drag our feet through leaves of sycamore;
If we could seek the peace of Ashness Bridge;
Look northward to the heather-covered hills;
Sit pensive on the rocky parapet
Or dip our feet in cooling mountain rills;
If we could search for scenes which artists love,
And once again within the bracken lie
While watching sheep graze quietly near at hand
Or hear a skylark in the cloudless sky;
Well then my love, that would be bliss indeed
And though I know it nevermore can be
The knowledge that we shared those happy times,
Is now a source of joy and peace to me.
Ashness Bridge

Copyright 2001, Ron Waywell

About the Author

Ron is 80 years old and served with the British Army in India (and Ceylon) during World War II. He retired from the teaching profession in 1985 and, following his wife's death shortly afterwards, took up creative writing as a hobby. Since then he has had short stories and poetry published and broadcast. The North West Network of the B.B.C has broadcast seventeen of his stories.

Ron Waywell passed away at the age of 86 in 2008.

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