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Meredith Lee: Haikus

fragile bone structure
she did not take the fall well
dislocated love
when picnics attack
the artist and his lover
painting killer bees
mothers in trouble
a responsibility
too big to handle
grey aging woman
no children to care for now
mourning her husband
old men thick glasses
looking at the world too close
distorted image
a conversation
both listening and missing
the unspoken words
cold bowl of jello
glistening in the full sun
later it is gone
jacaranda tree
drawing a flock of birds near
singing limbs of green
a young blade of grass
the meadow is full of them
each a sensation
Copyright 2000, Meredith Lee

Sandra Ulbrich: Haikus and a Short Poem

Diamonds and Air

I walk through diamonds
Where others see only air;
This is a problem.

Spring Thunderstorm

First spring thunderstorm;
Through lightning and heavy rain
I heard a bird sing.

Sunday Time

Sunday morning rose like eternity,
With time for omelets and toast.
Golden leaves without numbering
Fell in the fall forest,
And the sky was as blue as forever.
There was time for it all,
Even time for each other.
We needed no watches
On waterfowls' schedules.
Why did Sunday evening
Return us to mortal time
And the accelerating heartbeat
Of desperately wasted hours?

Copyright 2000, Sandra Ulbrich

Aviva Rothschild: Short Poems

What I Did on My Summer Vacation, 1991

Part 1: In Big Thompson Canyon

"Climb to Safety in Case of Flooding"
A sign for goats
not fat tourists from Denver
swigging soda pop in the car

Whipping round curves
Dad suddenly slows
curses the clods from Kansas
obeying the law in their swaying RV

Part 2: Afternoon Dilemma

Fifth tornado warning of the week
sirens howling over Aurora
but laundry is wrinkling in the dryer
and I have to hang my shirts

Part 3: Orange Tabby at 3 AM

I wake suddenly to find
sixteen pounds of cat on the blanket between my legs
as immobile as a boulder
and I need to pee

Copyright 2000, Aviva Rothschild

About the Authors

Meredith Lee: I am a woman of few words. Less is always more.

My brother wrote this haiku about me:

cyber Meredith
today's cutting edge woman
meredith . com

and my mom... well, my mom just doesn't get it... oh well... the generation! I am a native New Yorker, and Phoenix has been my home for the last six years.

Sandra Ulbrich: see her bio at her poems "Dead Trees" or "Swan Dreams and Stranger Things," among others.

Aviva Rothschild: see her bio on the "About the Editor" page. These are the first poems she's ever offered for public consumption.

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