The Washington: A Storied Bar

Bar Stories in the Classic SF/Fantasy Tradition

Welcome to The Washington! Your host is Nataly Washington, owner and chief bartender.
Pull up a chair at a table, or hop onto a stool at the bar. Order a drink and some appetizers. The buffalo wings are good today!
And lend an ear. The person sitting next to you has something to tell you.

Location Stories
The Washington--Denver
"Generation Gap" by Bert Benmeyer
They're definitely kindred spirits....
The Washington--New Jersey

New! "Vulgar" by James Ryan
Nataly doesn't like people who get Vulgar in her bar....

"Contest" by James Ryan
An ancient rivalry, an unsuspecting victim, a reluctant observer....

"Clown" by James Ryan
When is it bad to attract the opposite sex?

"The Fling"
by James Ryan
Why is Jack hanging out with a girl in a fur bikini?

"Genre" by James Ryan
Fantasy, horror, or something worse?


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