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A few months ago, I was pretty bored. I tried to find something fun to do. I had a "Bongo the Monkey" Beanie Baby. I had two pieces of string. My little brother had an action figure with movable legs, and a small toy table from a Winnie the Pooh set. This might not seem like much to you, but to me it was a recipe for fun.

First, I took Bongo to a "court," which consisted of the jury (several McDonald's toys) the lawyers (more McDonald's toys), and the Judge, a stuffed gorilla toy that my little brother had. Bongo was accused of murdering a small Frankenstein figurine, which had disappeared last year. Bongo was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. My dad had been in the Boy Scouts when he was a kid, so he knew how to tie many different types of knots. I brought the large piece of string to my dad and asked him to tie a hangman's noose. He tied the noose, but he didn't ask me why I wanted it. He did have a pretty weird look on his face, though.

I tied Bongo's hands behind his back with the shorter piece of rope. I tied the rope that had the noose to the handle of a drawer. I stood Bongo on the plastic table under the handle, and I put the noose around his neck. I had the action figure read Bongo a death sentence: "Bongo the Monkey, you have been found guilty of murder. You are sentenced to hang by the neck until dead. May God have mercy on your soul." I pulled the action figure's leg back and had him kick away the table, leaving Bongo to dangle to his death. The hanging looked eerily realistic. Bongo was slowly swaying in the air, and his head was drooped over to one side, just as if his neck was broken. After I hanged Bongo, I realised just how twisted I was.

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