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I remember torturing my Barbie sexually. I took her little pearl earrings and poked them in her oh-so-perfect breasts so that she had pearl nipples. To this day I can't give my Barbie to my niece because she might ask about the little holes in her perfect breasts. To think that I might have had a lovely little retirement fortune on my hands if I'd kept her perfect breasts untouched.

I also took my Johnny West doll (there was a Jane West doll, too, but neither of them could be undressed that I remember) and used him to make Ken jealous. I had him kissing and rubbing against Barbie, who would just so happen to lose her clothes and be naked against my he-man cowboy doll. Ken would be outraged, of course, and get into a fight with Johnny. Then Barbie would try to break up the party and end up BEING the party between the two of them. At which point Jane came into the party and things REALLY got going. Of course, at the time, I really didn't know very much about sex, so it was all a great big mystery trying to figure out what happened and who did what to whom.

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