Submitting Books for Review

Well, obviously I haven't been receiving books for review for a long time since I haven't actually written any reviews for eight years. However, if I do start reviewing again, which is not impossible, here's my book submission policy:

I don't accept books for review unless I specifically ask for them, and I won't be doing much of that.

Why? Because:

  1. I have a SHITLOAD of unreviewed graphic novels lying around (well over 100), so I sure as hell don't need more.
  2. I feel guilty if someone gives me a book and I don't review it.
  3. I feel guilty if someone gives me a book and I don't like it.

Who needs the hassle? By purchasing all my books I'm not obligated to anyone except myself as to when and how I review something.

One exception I might make is if you're one of my few friends in the biz (you know who you are). You guys can email me if you like. I still might not accept a free copy.


Copyright 2010, D. Aviva Rothschild


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