Review Policy

The Comics Get Serious is dedicated to the showcasing of graphic novels from almost all genres: science fiction/fantasy, superhero, adventure, gay and lesbian, biography, religious, children's, etc.

All graphic novels will be judged on these merits:

  • Coherence of story
  • Appropriateness of art
  • Interaction of text and art

Quality of art is a minor consideration, as many good graphic novels do not contain great art so much as great cartooning. I'm big into story, and that's my main focus.

I will focus mainly on graphic novels that I did not review previously in my book. However, in some cases, time and age have changed my perspective on a book, and I may re-review that title, always noting when I am doing so.

Reviews will contain the book's title, bibliographic information, genre, audience (with characteristics such as nudity, profanity, etc.), a synopsis, and an evaluation. The "Audience" section is meant mostly as a guideline for collection development by librarians.

I welcome correspondence: recommendations for titles to review, additions or corrections to factual data, comments on my reviews, and suggestions on how to make The Comics Get Serious more useful to readers. Note: I do not accept review copies from anyone any more.

Copyright 2000, D. Aviva Rothschild

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