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Bursting with Song celebrates Broadway musicals and show music. I became a showtune fanatic a few years ago, developing a special fondness for Stephen Sondheim but appreciating most everything out there (with some notable exceptions). I discovered that, for better or worse, I have a lot to say on this topic, so I figured I'd upload my opinions onto the Internet and see if I couldn't stimulate some new appreciation for this sadly neglected form of entertainment. And I'd rather publish my CD reviews here than on Amazon!

Because I came late to this interest; because I live in Denver and haven't had many opportunities to see shows, either touring Broadway companies or regional; and because I'm only 38 and would have been too young to appreciate most classic musicals even had I lived in New York City, my focus is usually on the recorded music rather than the productions. I freely admit that this is an inadequate point of view, given the interdependence of music, book, acting, and choreography that typifies musicals. For example, I don't care for the music in Guys and Dolls and Hello, Dolly, but I saw the revival touring companies a few years ago, and both shows were fantastic theatrical experiences. Conversely, I have a number of CDs of flop musicals (e.g., Mack and Mabel, Merrily We Roll Along) whose music is terrific but whose books were legendarily bad. So who knows how I'd feel about some of these shows if I had a chance to see them performed? Anyway, I'll do the best with what I have--CDs, librettos, a few movie versions, a very few filmed stage productions, a couple of scripts that I've managed to obtain.

I don't expect to please everyone; indeed, some of my opinions are bound to cause controversy. My fond hope for Bursting with Song is that you, the interested reader, will also be an interested writer and will add your opinions to the mix. Disagree with me! Correct my mistakes! Write your own essays! Let's increase public discussion of musicals; let's make one another aware of all the great stuff that's out there.

Aviva Rothschild


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