Reflections of Amalfi

By Meredith Lee

Sitting in front of this Mozzarella bar

Only one thing comes to mind

my time in Italy with you

on the coast of Amalfi

the sun reflecting on your smooth skin

your beautiful blush

warm from the afternoon sun

what a perfect complement

to my plate

Mozzarella and you

my sweet tomato

Oh what a beautiful salad we could make



Copyright 2012, Meredith Lee

About the Author

Meredith Lee... C.I.A. graduate... began cooking and writing at a very early age. Now her passion is in the form of senryu, haiku, and suggestive prose. Her subject matter is often food. Playing with her words leaves a lot to the imagination and at times will make your mouth....Water!

She is from NYC and now dwells in Phoenix, Arizona, with her 5 urban hens, giving eggs to friends as if they were dark chocolate hearts vanishing in the sun.

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