By Christopher Truett

Sitting here wide awake
My imagination starts to make
A reality I wish to see
A world for you and me
To give everything and in return


Face the fear of the burn
Trust your instinct
And never over think
Or you may never see
The world of you and me.



Something about silence makes me sick
Cause silence can be violent
Sorta like a slit wrist........


As I lay here in bed
The thoughts spiral in my head
Of the things that cannot be
and the things I long to see
Where once there was a thought


Now a void that has not
Begging for sleep
Dreams come true in a slumber deep.



Words are where the power lies
believe strongly and no one dies
If you try to act
They will begin to smack


The thoughts from your mind
They hope you cower
But you hold the power
We the people
Standing in the steeple
Analyzing the battlefield
Curious to see what it yields
A free land
Built by man
Is not something they can hold in the palm of their hand.


The past is gone
We must move on
To a new dawn

Copyright 2012, Christopher Truett

About the Author

Originally from California, Christopher Truitt currently lives on Galveston Island. These are the first of his published poems. Please send comments to Rational Magic and they will be forwarded to Christopher.

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