Once Upon a Drean

By Robin Roberts


Walking into this place
And seeing your face
From across the room,
Sunshine has replaced the gloom.
Our eyes meet through the crowd
And my heart is beating loud.

I know you from somewhere;
The feeling is crystal clear;
We've met before
On a distant shore.
I know you've heard that line
Once upon a time.
We loved each other then,
Our hearts beat as one;
We held each other tight
When the day was done.

We walk toward each other,
Not looking at another;
My mind is racing fast,
I want this moment to last.
Our eyes meet, our hearts smile;
Let's sit down and talk awhile.

We laugh and talk, the feeling grows stronger;
I can't take it any longer;
I hear your words but I don't understand;
I can't focus on the task at hand.
You say you don't remember me;
You're confused, it's a mystery.
I'm confused
And you're amused
But I know we've met before,
And I know I wanted more.
How can you fall in love on sight,
Meet someone and know it's right?
We're talking and we're learning
And I'm feeling a familiar yearning.

As I look into your eyes,
Suddenly I realize;
You and I were lovers,
You and I were friends,
You and I promised we'd be there at the end.
I know you think I'm crazy,
To you this is all hazy;
I know why you can't see;
Of course you don't remember me.



You only existed in my dream.

Copyright 2012, Robin Mack-Roberts

About the Author

My name is Robin Roberts, and I'm from Pennsylvania. I'm a single/divorced mother of two beautiful girls who are the lights of my world. I am also engaged to a wonderful man who lights up the other half of my world. I work as an administrative assistant and have worked in the same career field for most of my adult life. I write poetry in my spare time.

I'm a Beatlemaniac, having loved the Beatles all of my life. I also enjoy other classic rock bands, but no other band/musician has captured my heart quite like those four lads from Liverpool.

My interests, other than the aforementioned, include hiking/walking, camping, traveling, bowling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Poetry is the music of our souls. //o-o\\

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