More Haikus

By Meredith Lee

captivating me
in an instant I knew it
she needed a wig

my favorite meal
tongue on rye with coleslaw sir
pleasure inbetween

soft and billowy
large breasts she did carry on
with the milkman too

oh please let me sleep
mockingbird up all night
singing mating tunes

mezmorized by you
your hands touch my moving mouth
the distance is gone
soft skin whispers sweet
ice glides down my stomach wet
the motion of me

intense hot passion
putting a chill up my spine
in the big red tub
yearning for your touch
todays chores consume your heart
my skin waits for you
awoken at night
by the call of desire
tossing and turning
splendid shade of beige
slender legs in nylon hose
cousin of ecru

very nice haiku
i will put it in my book
online collection

spending a nice day
talking to strangers online
hours whittle by

Copyright 2000, Meredith Lee

About the Author

I am a woman of few words. Less is always more.

My brother wrote this haiku about me:

cyber Meredith
today's cutting edge woman
meredith . com

and my mom... well, my mom just doesn't get it... oh well... the generation! I am a native New Yorker, and Phoenix has been my home for the last six years.

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