The Lonely Couple

By Robin Roberts

Once upon a morrow
In a land far, far away,
There lived a lonely old man
Who was miserable every day.

He always woke with a scowl
And greeted the day with a frown;
There was a lovely lady
Who wished to turn it upside down.

She loved this man with all his faults,
She saw what others could not see,
She saw the heart of gold beneath the stone,
And by his side she wanted to be.

She did her best to make him smile;
She showered him with love and kindness;
She loved him with all her heart and soul;
And her love for him was timeless.

But he did not budge, the wall remained;
He'd been hurt before, no one was allowed inside;
His heart stayed hard and it stayed cold;
He was lonely but his heart had died.

But still she persisted, she would not give up;
She tried to melt the ice;
She did everything in her power;
Even trying some things twice.

Years went by with more of the same;
And he still would not let her in;
One day she finally realized
That she would never win.

So she walked away and turned her back;
Prepared for future lonely years;
She would always love him;
But now her days were filled with tears.

She hoped that he would find some joy;
Only wishing him all the best;
She knew she would never find another;
She wanted him and none of the rest.

Time passed on as time will do;
They both grew older, both alone;
She thought about him all the time;
And many times picked up the phone.

The old man never did find joy;
And after she had gone;
He realized he had missed his chance,
And realized what he had done.
He realized that he loved her too;
But now it was too late;
He had lost her forever;
He had refused to open up the gate.

He sat in his lonely little world
And stared at the phone;
Wanting to call her
And tell her to come home.

Copyright 2012, Robin Mack-Roberts

About the Author

My name is Robin Roberts, and I'm from Pennsylvania. I'm a single/divorced mother of two beautiful girls who are the lights of my world. I am also engaged to a wonderful man who lights up the other half of my world. I work as an administrative assistant and have worked in the same career field for most of my adult life. I write poetry in my spare time.

I'm a Beatlemaniac, having loved the Beatles all of my life. I also enjoy other classic rock bands, but no other band/musician has captured my heart quite like those four lads from Liverpool.

My interests, other than the aforementioned, include hiking/walking, camping, traveling, bowling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Poetry is the music of our souls. //o-o\\

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