Head Versus Heart

By Robin Roberts

Twas in the middle of May
Once upon a day
In the middle of the night
Head and Heart had a fight.

Heart turned to Head
And this is what it said:
I must follow my dreams
It is the only way it seems
I wish I could erase the past
Live it again and make it last
The future is ours to make
We’re the only ones who can eat that cake.

Head laughed, have your cake and eat it too?
You know this can’t be true
The future can’t be foretold
We cannot know what it will hold.

Heart replied, the future can change if you’re so inclined
If you only give yourself that time
All you need is the will to go on
Follow that dream, though the road is long.

Silly Heart, the future is not ours to see
The past is past, just let it be
We cannot change who we are
Not if you wish upon a million stars
If we erased the past (like Uncle Fred marrying Aunt Loweezy)
Things would be so very easy
What a mixed-up turn of events
Rid our lives of bad times spent
What would we have learned then?
And how would we know to stop when?

But Head, the past is such a loss
Wasted tears at such a cost
There’s nothing back there I can see
Happiness lies ahead for me
Life would be easy you know
Controlling our destiny by wishing it so.

Head sighed and replied to Heart
You’re only ripping yourself apart
What of past loves and past friends?
Do you really want those to end?
Disappear without a trace?
Think about that before you erase
To banish these is just so wrong
They’re the reason we belong
They’re who we are and who we’ve been
We can’t live our past again.

Head, but they’re not gone away
I’ll never forget them, they’re here to stay
Right here in my memory forevermore
But it’s time to open up a new door.

Head replied again, you follow that rainbow
When you get to it you let me know
I think that you’ve not thought this through
And you’re letting blind love guide you.

Heart replied with a smile,
Talking is nice for awhile
What’s wrong with love I have to ask
It’s the answer to all life’s tasks
In the end it will be your guide
It’ll be the only thing left at your side.

Head didn’t know quite how to respond
It knew that Heart was determined and bound
Bound to find love no matter how far
Even if it meant following that star.
In a gentler tone it did reply,
You’re right Heart, it said with a sigh
Maybe if you ruled instead of me
The world would a better place be.

Heart sighed too, I don’t know all, I wish I did
Maybe then I could be the head
But I do know pain and I do know sadness
And I know that love will bring me gladness
If I err in my ways, then I just move on
Around the corner will be another song

Life is not meant to just sit back
Don’t wait for it, you must attack
Go in and grab it and see if it’s yours
See if you can finally throw away the oars.

The two fell silent, each with their own thoughts
Both wishing that they hadn’t fought
Each one wondering if the other was right
That one day in the middle of the night

Copyright 2012, Robin Mack-Roberts

About the Author

My name is Robin Roberts, and I'm from Pennsylvania. I'm a single/divorced mother of two beautiful girls who are the lights of my world. I am also engaged to a wonderful man who lights up the other half of my world. I work as an administrative assistant and have worked in the same career field for most of my adult life. I write poetry in my spare time.

I'm a Beatlemaniac, having loved the Beatles all of my life. I also enjoy other classic rock bands, but no other band/musician has captured my heart quite like those four lads from Liverpool.

My interests, other than the aforementioned, include hiking/walking, camping, traveling, bowling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Poetry is the music of our souls. //o-o\\

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