By William C. Burns, Jr.

Know it now
That you may understand it when
The children of Evat Maru
The Starfire Children
The hunted Children
Come into the World
And yes they are coming
As sure as the pulse in your neck
As certain as the Sun which now lingers
on the far side of the World
As gentle
and terrible
And unstoppable
As the Dawn
Do not lift you hand
against the Sky
You can not hold the Darkness
in its place
What have you to fear
One Day you will hold out money
to that the child
Who does not think twice
About using it as a tool
and only a tool
Who looks at your character
instead of your clothes
One who
Looks at your hands to see
if you've labored honestly
Looks deeper into your soul
Deeper than you ever have
And you will know them
What have you to fear
They are the anti Alex
Anti Bullshit
Anti Yuppie
Starfire Children
What have you to fear

Copyright 2000, William C. Burns, Jr.

About the Author

William C. Burns, Jr. (Bill) was born in Washington DC, circa the early fifties, which puts him on the trailing edge of the beautiful generation (remember the Hippies? OK for those of you too young to remember, how bout Shaggy from Scooby Doo?). Raised in West Virginia in and around the rolling hills and glens of Charleston, he moved to South Carolina in 1984 with his wife and three children.

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