By Carol Ghesquiere

What would you do if you were in jail
Cut a hole in the roof
slip out
without leaving a trail
Or slip into a stamped self-addressed envelope
and go out with the mail

Or roll up real small
Crawl along the wall
Creep out like a snail
Or become a nail
hammering yourself to a broken chair
that’ll be taken out for repair

Or dream a dream that you’re free
And dream it so hard it’ll come to be
Then you’ll never ever do nothin’ again
that could make you end up in a place that you hate
so much that you have to try and escape

Copyright 2011-2012, Carol Ghessquiere

About the Author

Carol is a 1st generation Beatle fan. Besides poetry she also writes Beatle fan fiction and regular fiction. She knows that what don't kill us makes us writers.

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