Concrete Ephemera

By Kevin W. Perizzolo


The original idea for this piece was from Nathan Kiechler. He spent many hours roaming the streets of Galveston, Texas, looking for embedded street signs. He found them fascinating and historical, even artful. His death in 2004, and then Hurricane Ike in 2008, both on September 13, ended the project as all the original photos and negatives were destroyed. In 2009 a mutual friend asked me what had become of Nathan’s photo essay. I explained what had happened, and she merrily chimed in, “Well, you better get hopping.”

Unfortunately, the hurricane had destroyed the majority of the markers. I walked every street from the harbor to Broadway, from 30th to 20th, and took photos of the ones I could find. I'm sure I missed a number of them. I hope you find them as fanciful as Nathan did and I do.

Embedded signs were not all that Nathan was interested in. He enjoyed wall paintings and wall advertising as well. At the end of this section, before Dallas, are a few of the ones he really liked.



In the fall of 2011, I moved to Dallas. And the first thing I did was start looking for embedded street signs. So far I have found a few.


The following do not really count as embedded. They are children’s chalk drawings that I did not want to be lost.

Copyright 2012, Kevin W. Perizzolo

About the Author

With some 25 years in the publishing industry, Kevin W. Perizzolo took a decade- long hiatus and moved from the Rocky Mountains to an island off the coast of Texas. He figured it was safe as Galveston Island was not part of Texas, just near it. He now resides in Dallas, having decided a big city is more to his liking. He is pursuing his writing and publishing once again and thanks Rational Magic for publishing his work.

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