Bug and Mouse Haiku

By Susie Mannis Sigman

Ode to a Mouse

Sorry little guy.
The peanut butter got you.
Hope you're a loner.


Wasp Duo

Wasp in the kitchen.
No one to kill it but me.
So not happy now.

Raid has a nice smell.
It's kind of like the forest.
Sorry Mr. Wasp.



I’m not that lonely
But I really hate the bugs
I scream when they squish.

Another spider?
I’m so over killing them
Someone please do it.

Fruit Fly Part 1:

Fruit fly annoyance
Flying in circles above
Clapping once, you're gone.


Fruit Fly Part 2:

Dear deceased fruit fly:
Your bro’ is in my office.
Tell him he should flee.


Fruit Fly Part 3:

Flying annoyance
Vinegar and detergent
Will be your downfall.

Copyright 2012, Susie Mannis Sigman

About the Author

Susie Mannis Sigman lives in Denver, Colorado with her two sons who are growing up way too fast and her Kerry Blue Terrier, Fyfer, who acts every bit of his human age of 94 years old. She started writing haiku after her divorce and is in the midst of seeking a publisher for her work, Haiku for Divorced Women—over 100 haiku that combine the range of emotions and experiences divorce produces, with humor and strength. While her divorce was the most difficult time in her life, it activated an inner strength she didn’t know she had. Thankfully it didn’t rob her of her sense of humor and positive outlook.


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