Atomic Love Poem

By James Ryan

When I see you for
The first and last time,
Your hair blowing back,
Your smile touching me
The way I want to touch
The curves of your body,
Which are shown off well
In the sudden light
That just fills me up
With intensity;
The warmth that I feel
With you in my sight,
So intense the warmth,
The way it melts glass
And makes the rocks slag,
Vaporizing steel,
Burning the air;
How I long for you
With all of the strength
That flattens buildings,
Turning all structures
Into a thin paste;
How I desire you,
Our parts mingling,
Coming together,
Drawn to the heat,
My lips to your lips,
My hips to your hips,
Carbon to carbon
Drawn into the cloud;
How we dance in love,
Mine in and on you,
Flying overhead,
Dancing on a breeze
Before the wind dies,
And we two coupled,
Poisoning the land
Together for a
Joint half-life as one;
When they remember
Me in memory
Among all the dead,
None of them will know
That in the very
Last second of life
As I was dying
I was truly alive.

Copyright 2000, James Ryan

About the Author

James Ryan won the Beatles Embassy Imagination Award: Best Fan Fic for his story "I Read the News Today." Yes, believe it or not, you can still hold a vote with a surprise winner without a media circus ensuing or legions of lawyers running around your capitol.... For his birthday, he has hopes of actually being recognized as a writer; hey, weirder things have happened.... His work has appeared in such places as Dragon magazine, Lacunae, the Urbanite, the New York Times, and some of the better men's room walls across the state of New York. Until he gets the chance to follow the program for disenfranchised neurotic writers, he's doing the regular job and grad school schtick. His wife Susan and son Jamie just nod and smile when he starts to rant, which, all said, makes things that much easier.

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