Short Poems

By Andy Miller

"We Are but Everlasting Animals"

eloquence in ruins

the dust of a nation
struggling to rise against it,

abuse of fusion.



all the latest spacecraft
have been quite heavily
and at the time
of revelry
a dose of lime
for scurvy
turned the captain
once again.


A Little Bit of Wonder

a little bit of wonder,
spoken for

stars like bubbles of vermilion cream,
frontier about to pop

their practical applications inverted,
to compliment desire

as a thing carried out
beyond the shallow rim of earth.



in the building of monsters
out of clothes on a coat rack
in childhood darkness,
folk tales weighed against
the physical evidence

sleep paralysis and fear
waking up to
chimera of mental health.


The Tyrant

arms akimbo,
his defiance for the village in the hollow of his hand

for the villagers,
the end of the world in his applause.

Copyright 2001, Andy Miller

About the Author

Born a little ways from the shore of Lake Erie, Andy Miller studied
anthropology and Romance languages in school, and is a writer. He also
paints, and his writing extends to Color Music. His publishing credits include "Ignition," a poem in the March issue of The
Martian Wave
, and upcoming poems in Electric Wine and The Magazine of Speculative Poetry.

ANDY WRITES: "The Skeptic" comes out of an interest of mine in The Skeptical Inquirer and the scientific methods. I "inquired" into books on skepticism for children K-3, and people at Skeptical were kind enough to send me a box of books--for older students. I do believe that even young children can learn to enjoy the "Rational" without losing the "Magic." Meaning that critical thinking is fine, and indeed necessary--so long as the imagination remains intact.

The title of the first poem is drawn from the first line of a book called
The Magnetic Fields by Andre Breton and Philippe Soupault:
"Prisoners of drops of water, we are but everlasting animals...."

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