About Time

By Meredith Lee

Silky strands of pink perfection
Slipping over my tongue slowly
Savoring your sweetness
I saw you in the market
and my fantasy began
I would take you home
and find simple satisfaction
I love the way you look
The possibilities are simply endless
It's what I always want
Stewed Rhubarb, I love you

Copyright 2012, Meredith Lee

About the Author

Meredith Lee... C.I.A. graduate... began cooking and writing at a very early age. Now her passion is in the form of senryu, haiku, and suggestive prose. Her subject matter is often food. Playing with her words leaves a lot to the imagination and at times will make your mouth....Water!

She is from NYC and now dwells in Phoenix, Arizona, with her 5 urban hens, giving eggs to friends as if they were dark chocolate hearts vanishing in the sun.

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